About the book

This guidebook describes the nature and wildlife of Dordogne.

  •     Landscape history
  •     Ecosystems
  •     Geology
  •     Flora and Fauna
  •     Where to watch birds
  •     Finding orchids and other wild flowers
  •     21 detailed routes with observation tips and 23 site descriptions

The Dordogne area in south-west France has a remarkable range of wild landscapes. The beautiful rivers includes tidal sections, marshes, cliffs and upland tributary streams set amongst limestone-dominated hills. Elsewhere diverse woodlands, hay meadows, caves, heathlands, arable plateaux plus ancient vineyards and villages also offer visitors great wildlife experiences in what has been called 'the cradle of prehistory'.

The Crossbill Guide to Dordogne, France consists of 21 routes and numerous other sites to discover this wonderful region. The book is complemented with extensive chapters on landscape, geology, history, descriptions of the flora and fauna and tips to observe wildlife.

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  • €22.95

  • Dordogne
    Country: France
    Author: David Simpson and Frank Jouandoudet
    Language: English
    Publication: 2018
    ISBN: 9789491648137
    Pages: 256
    Weight: 550 grams
    Size: 21 x 15 cm
    Colour: Full Colour