Our prime activity is making the Crossbill Guides. These guides are different that all other (wildlife) books. They go beyond a simple description of the natural world, but explain it. What species of flora and fauna can be seen? Why are they there and how can you find them? How is did people shape the landscape and what are spectacular geological features? The Crossbill Guides give an enthusiastic and insightful account of region, including routes and observation tips to discover yourself.
Each guide book combines two main elements. First there is the practical tourist information, including routes, sites and observation tips. Second there is the background information on the landscape, geology, flora and fauna.

The practical and in-depth section crosslinks generously. Every background chapter tells you on which routes you can find the specific species or ecosystems mentioned. Vice versa, every route links back to the chapters with background information on the landscape and species you can find along the way.