About the Crossbill Guides Foundation
The Crossbill Guides Foundation (founded in 2004) aims to increase public involvement in nature conservation by communicating the values of nature to a larger audience. It is a non-profit organsation based in the Netherlands and working on a European scale. Using recent insights in communication strategies, the foundation focuses on ecotourism as a means to connect people with nature conservation.

Why communicate nature values?
Without an ongoing public support, nature conservation can't fulfil its important task. Therefore, emphasis is needed on bridging the gap between conservation experts and the community at large. Public support depends on sharing the values of nature with people, on giving insight in the workings of nature and on enthusing people to go out and enjoy nature by themselves. 

Crossbill Guides and the environment
Obviously, environmentally sound entrepreneurship is at the very base of our organisation. Apart from our goals, which aim to involve people in nature conservation, the foundation takes the following measures to minimize its impact on the environment.

Travelling consumes energy which is not environmentally friendly. For the production of our guides we obviously have to travel a lot. We minimise our impact on the environment by travelling over land. Only when train, bus or car takes more than a full day, we take a plane. When we fly, we compensate our environmental impact by compensating our CO2 emission.
During our stays, we minimise the use of water and energy, and live by the same guidelines about proper conduct in nature we ask our readers to follow.

On location, the impact of tourism on the environment can vary between considerable to completely harmless. Yet in our experience, information on how to behave on the spot is often either a well kept secret or does not go much further than commonplaces such as 'be quiet' and 'do not litter'. Therefore we added a standard element to our guidebooks, providing a number of recommendations on how to act when visiting an area. This information is often gathered in association with local environmental organisations.

Furthermore, we always seek consent with our local partners and experts in our choice whether to adopt a certain route, area or observation tip, or to leave it out of the guidebook because it may disturb nature or local residents too much.

This being said, there are always issues in which one may argue whether walking a certain trail or searching for a particular species is acceptable or not. If you believe that, in spite of our scrutiny, we should have left out a certain tip or trail, please inform us and we will re-evaluate.

Get involved. Support Crossbill Guides Foundation
The Crossbill Guides Foundation is a non-profit organisation and can only function because of the voluntary labour of its participants. We are not sponsored by any private or governmental organisation and since making qualitatively good guidebooks is costly, we are always in dire need of support. Donations are greatly appreciated.
You can make your donation at:

Rabobank 102850569 (The Netherlands)
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(BIC for non-dutch transfers)

Chamber of Commerce: 09147061
VAT / BTW Number: NL 8144.62.522.B01

If you prefer sending a cheque, the address is:

Crossbill Guides Foundation
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The Netherlands

If you have any suggestions or a particular interest in a specific area and wish to become involved in producing a Crossbill guide, please contact us at the above address.