Planned in autumn 2019

01 April 2019

The Crossbill Guide to the Provence and Camargue covers an area in the south-east of France, from the Rhone Delta (the Camargue) to the city of Nice in the east, and from the Mediterranean islands of Port Cros in the south to the Mont Ventoux and Grand Canyon du Verdon in the North. Abouth one third of the book covers the same area as the old Crossbill Guide to the Camargue, Crau and Alpilles, but with new or fully updated routes. The rest of the area was not covered in previous Crossbill Guides.

The Crossbill Guide to Extremadura covers the entire Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is an updated and extended version the previous 3rd print of the Crossbill Guide to Extremadura. Apart from updates of content and routes, this book comtains many new routes and sites, especially in the less travelled parts of Extremadura, for example in the south and west of the Badajóz Province, and the Sierra de Gata, La Vera and Sierra de las Villuercas in the north and northeast of the region. As a result, this 4th edition will contain 32 pages more than the previous Extremadura guides.