Crossbill Guides

Our prime activity is the development of a series of comprehensive guidebooks for nature-minded tourists: the Crossbill Guides. These books do not simply describe the natural world, flora and fauna of an area, but they explain the functioning of the ecosystem, including how the different plants and animals fit in. Ecology for travellers, in other words. We do not overload the reader with names, numbers, and species in an area, but give an enthusiastic and insightful account of the nature in the region, including routes and observation tips to discover yourself.

Each guide book combines two main elements: on the one hand, practical tourist information, including route descriptions and observation tips. On the other hand, insightful information and amusing text boxes in the first section of the book.

The practical and in-depth section crosslinks generously. Every chapter, whether it is on birds or bogs, refers to routes and tips in the practical part where you can encounter these. Every route also refers to the chapters that provide background information on the striking landscape, flora and fauna you encounter on your trip.