Upcoming publications Crossbill Guides

The following upcoming publications are planned to be released in 2023-24.
Besides the ones listed here, new guidebooks are being planned, also for the years 2023-24. The list is therefore updated regularly.

European series (In English)
Crossbill Guide Southern Morocco by Martin Pitt (January 2023)
Crossbill Guide Rhodope Mountains by Dirk Hilbers and team (April 2023)
Crossbill Guide Tenerife and La Gomera – revised reprint by Peter Laan, Constant Swinkels, Dirk Hilbers and Kees Woutersen (November 2023)
Crossbill Guide Lanzarote and Fuerteventura – revised reprint by Constant Swinkels, Dirk Hilbers and Kees Woutersen (November 2023)
Crossbill Guide Tuscany by Graham Chisholm (February 2024)

Dutch series (Nederlandstalig)
Crossbill natuurgids Weerribben-Wieden door Dirk Hilbers en Albert Corporaal (Oktober 2023)

3 thoughts on “Upcoming publications Crossbill Guides

  1. George Corner says:

    I am wondering if you have any plans to do a book on Brittany. Although much of the area seems to be taken up by agriculture there does seem to be more of interest to the amateur naturalist.
    Possibly the area doesn’t fit your criteria for a book but I thought I would ask anyway.
    If it was half as good as ( I haven’t got them all) the other books in the series that I’ve read then it would be of great interest to me.

    King regards,

    George Corner

    1. Oscar Lourens says:

      Dear George,

      Thank you very much for your kind words about the Crossbill Guides! Unfortunately, we have no concrete plans for Brittany yet. The area definitely fits the criteria for making a Crossbill Guide (especialy the diverse coastline and the islands off shore are excellent). So it is not the area, just that it takes time and resources to produce these books, and there are more areas than we can work on. Currently we are focussing on Tuscany, Southern Morocco and the Bulgarian Rhodopes, and we’ll starting books on areas in the UK as well.

      Kind regards,
      Dirk Hilbers, Crossbill Guides

  2. Marnix Thibaut says:

    I’m specially looking forward the release of the guide “Val d’ Aosta & Gran Paradiso” It would be like filling the long existing gap in guides covering mountainous landscapes, specially the Alps.

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