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Surely you’ve noticed the familiar Crossbill Guides website is replaced with a new one. Over the past few months, we’ve been working behind the scene to improve the site. There are some technical changes to ensure the safety and stability of the website remains to the highest standards. But more eye-catching of course is the new ‘look and feel’.
These changes also enable us to employ the site for new uses. It is now more than just a bookstore for our guides and a means to give background information on the organisation. We will make this a full portal for wildlife site information in Europe, including links to local, sustainable wildlife businesses and nature conservation organisations.

2 thoughts on “New website

  1. Han Damsté says:

    Wonderful this new look and content!
    May I make a suggestion?
    For me it would be much easier to read when you add scientific names of animals and plants in some way.
    For instance, add that when one hoovers over an English name or touches it, a little textbox appears with the scientific name (and the name of it in the language spoken in the country in question?).
    This doesn’t influence the readability but is a help to people like me who are not familiar with English names of birds living in the Camargue or Extremadura e.g.

    1. dirkhilbers says:

      Hello Han,

      We fully agree with you and will be adding scientific names in the text for the plants and other non-bird groups in the upcoming weeks, as we continue to fill these pages. The same goes for the locations in the maps of sites of interest.
      We haven’t considered the idea yet of a hover-over text but it sounds like a very good solution. We’ll look into that. Thanks for your suggestion.

      Dirk Hilbers – Crossbill Guides

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