Online Wildlife Sites

We are book lovers, but not blind to the importance of online information. Therefore, we have started the “wildlife sites” on the Crossbill Guides website – an online portal for gathering information on European nature and wildlife areas. This website contains a series of web pages with information on landscape, flora and fauna and nature tourism in a specific region. All dressed up with beautiful photos of the featured area.
The website also functions as a hub for getting to know the local nature conservation organisations and sustainable tourism companies. Basically, it is a light version of our guidebooks, but now online. All you need to start preparing for your trip is there, or you can just browse through it on an ‘armchair travel’ across our beautiful continent.
We are only just starting up – so not all areas are available yet, nor is every page complete. We are starting with those areas about which we have guidebooks but plan to expand beyond that limitation.

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